Types of steel scrap lifting
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Types of steel scrap lifting

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Types of steel scrap lifting

There are many kinds of steel scrap lifting suction cups, mainly using two principles: a kind of pendant that makes use of the difference between internal and external atmospheric pressure, a kind of hanging on the object, or a kind of tool to grab the object. The other is the steel scrap lifting magnetic chuck, which is specially used for the adsorption and fixation of ferromagnetic materials, most of which are used in mechanical processing and other fields. Let's take a look at a specific example of steel scrap lifting.

l Types of steel scrap lifting

l The structure of steel scrap lifting equipment

Types of steel scrap lifting

Steel Scrap lifting electromagnetic chuck, also known as steel scrap lifting electromagnet, electromagnetic lifter, is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, machinery, transportation, and other industries to lift magnetic materials such as iron and steel. It is also used as an electromagnetic manipulator to clamp magnetic materials such as steel, suitable for handling cast iron ingots, steel balls, and various scrap steels. This kind of appliance is mainly composed of electromagnets (usually round) and is usually used with steel scrap lifting cranes.

There are various types of steel scrap lifting vacuum suction cups, including single-layer vacuum suction cups, multi-layer vacuum suction cups, and wave vacuum suction cups. Mainly made of rubber material, the characteristic is: easy to wear. Because it is generally made of rubber, it is in direct contact with objects and is severely worn, so it wears quickly. Easy to use. No matter what material the sucked object is made of, it can be used as long as it can be sealed and airtight. Steel scrap lifting electromagnetic chuck is not good. It can only be used on steel. Plates or objects of other materials cannot be sucked. No pollution. The steel scrap lifting vacuum chuck is particularly environmentally friendly and will not pollute the environment, and there is no light, heat, electromagnetic and other generation.

Steel scrap lifting glass suction cup is a hand tool mainly used to pick up and lift smooth surface objects such as glass plates. It uses the deformation of the rubber pad installed on the suction plate to generate a vacuum and uses atmospheric pressure to firmly suck the objects, to achieve the purpose of lifting and moving the objects.

Steel scrap lifting permanent magnetic chuck (also known as scrap lifting magnetic chuck) is different from the electromagnetic scrap lifting tray in terms of appearance, one is circular and the other is rectangular. Uses: steel scrap lifting permanent magnetic chucks are widely used in various processing machine tools such as surface grinders, CNC milling machines, machining centers, precision lathes, etc., and can also be used for magnetic conveying of various sheet materials.

The structure of steel scrap lifting equipment

Steel scrap lifting electromagnet

A steel scrap lifting electromagnet is a special electromagnet that uses the attractant as the armature. It is a device that uses physical quantities of electricity and magnetism to attract ferromagnetic materials. It is used in metallurgy, mining, machinery, shipbuilding, transportation, and other industries to lift steel After years of popularization and application, the use of steel scrap lifting electromagnets has been widely expanded.

Steel scrap lifting permanent magnet

The permanent magnet hoist is a new type of hoist carefully designed and manufactured by using a generation of high-strength rare earth neodymium iron boron as the magnetic material. The permanent magnet hoist adopts the scientific principle of the magnetic circuit. This series of permanent magnet hoists have been greatly improved based on the original YX series permanent magnet hoists, and it is also a major industrial revolution for permanent magnet hoists in the current lifting industry.

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