What do you need to know about Electromagnetic Stirring
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What do you need to know about Electromagnetic Stirring

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What do you need to know about Electromagnetic Stirring

Electromagnetic stirring (EMS) is carried out with AC at 50 Hz with the electromagnetic effect penetrating through the volume. EMS is used to (i) remove inclusions and gas bubbles, (ii) homogenize the melt composition and temperature, and (iii) refine the microstructure. EMS of liquid metal causes Saffman forces to be exerted on the inclusions.Electromagnetic stirrers for aluminium furnaces. With over 350 systems installed worldwide, we are by far the most experienced supplier of electromagnetic stirrers for aluminium, also known as furnace circulation solutions. Our comprehensive product range includes both air and liquid-cooled and side and bottom-mounted stirrers catering for all furnace types including melting, holding, chamber . Electromagnetic Stirrer (EMS)- HotiongroupElectromagnetic stirrer (EMS) is a technique mainly used industrially in alloyed steel and copper. The essence of Electromagnetic stirring (EMS) is to increase the movement of cast steel by the electromagnetic force induced in the liquid phase of the slab. EMS-Electromagnetic StirrerThe stirrer design, size and position etc. depend on the continuous casting machine data, the steel grades to be produced and the casting parameters. Electromagnetic melt stirring systems create a rotating magnetic induction field with an induction of B, which induces eddy current j in a direction perpendicular to B, whose velocity is v.

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