why do we use Electromagnetic Stirring
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why do we use Electromagnetic Stirring

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why do we use Electromagnetic Stirring

The NS In-mold Electromagnetic Stirrer (MEMS) eliminates inclusions on the surface of the steel by stirring and controlling the flow of the molten steel within the mold, by means of an electromagnetic force. This enables the production of high-quality slabs. It is also effective in enabling stable operations by preventing breakouts Stirring systemsThe electromagnetic stirrer (EMS) are widely used in the iron and steel industry both in the continuous casting phases and in the steel refining process in the ladle. The use of the stirrers allows to increase the quality and the production of steel and, due to the high metallurgical flexibility they will fit perfectly to the production. electromagnetic stirrer (EMS) system is designed to improve furnace circulation, save energy and improve metal quality. It creates both temperature and chemical homogeneity in the furnace, improving quality and melting performance through circulation and efficient heat transfer.

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