Constant Temperature Casting High Heating Efficiency Induction Heating System for Tundish
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Constant Temperature Casting High Heating Efficiency Induction Heating System for Tundish

Induction heating system for tundish is based on the electromagnetic induction principle, using induction current generated in the molten steel, applying Joule heat for the molten steel flowing through channel to realize heat preservation and heating of molten steel.
Heating efficiency is >90%, and the temperature control accuracy is ±2-3℃ of the target temperature;
Can effectively remove small non-metal particles.;
With the non-contact energy transmission method, no contamination will produced, and the effect of purifying molten steel is significantly.
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 Technical effects :

1)Achieve casting at low superheat constant temperature.

 Increase equiaxed grain ratio, and improve strand(such as bloom, thick plates, etc.) quality;

 Extend continuous casting time, stabilize and improve casting speed, which can improve casting yield and production efficiency;

Casting at constant temperature can avoid solidification too early, which is beneficial for avoiding accidents, such as accretion, freezing, returning to tundish, stopping casting, etc.

Decrease cracks and steel breaking out.

2)Improve and supplement refining casting process.

Decrease tapped temperature of furnace or ladle by about 10-20℃, which is beneficial for energy-saving and refractory saving;

Reduce tapping time, improve casting speed, decrease problems of casting cannot be continued caused by ladle temperature too low.

3) Heating effect

Heating temperature rise capacity: reheating rate 1-2℃/min.

Temperature control capacity:Temperature control accuracy is ±3℃ of target temperature(±2℃ after operation stabilized);

Initial temperature control mode can decrease tapping temperature of ladle molten steel by 10-20℃.

Technical   parameters sheet of tundish induction heating system
No.ItemTechnical   parameters
1TypeStructure with upper and lower iron core   separated
2Cooling   methodCompound cooling method of air cooling +   Aerosol cooling
5Frequency40~150HZ adjustable frequency conversion
6PhaseSingle phase
7Insulation   ClassClass C
8Self  weight of the inductor bodyThe total weight is about 4000kgs


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