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Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separator can be widely applied for metallurgy, mining, coal selection plant, electricity station, ceramic industry, glass industry, cement industry, building materials industry, chemical industry, food industry, fodder industry, waste treatment, etc. It could remove ferromagnetic substance from materials to ensure operation of crasher and grinder; and improve quality of materials.


1. Adoption of full-sealed natural cooling structure to prevent coil erosion from moist air, powder or harmful gases; excellent environmental & climatic adaptability; could be operated both indoor and outdoor;

2. Special design of magnetic circuit, deep magnetic penetration, the geometric shape of spatial magnetic field is semi-spherical but approximate to rectangular. This shape makes product in this series has much stronger attraction force than other similar products;

3. Installation at the middle part of belt-conveyor to ensure separating ability; if it's installed at the head part of belt-conveyor, separating ability could be enhanced 30%;

4. Please take separating ability which under thermal state current as important index to identify separating ability; thermal state current could help separator’s operation effectively;

5. This separator is good at matching, all of rectifier equipments with complete functions, could adapt to any operating requirement at any occasion.

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