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Lifting Magnet And Electromagnetic Stirrer Video Display

Test video of MW61 lifting magnet
The series MW61 lifting magnet is widely used for handling steel scrap, cast iron ingots and steel balls.
With simple structure, it's convenient to install and oeprate.
Strong excitation method (DC290V/200V) and overexcitation method (DC 350V/290V/200V) are available, which can accelerate the excitation speed and improve the lifting capacity by approximately10%.
MW84 lifting magnet in operation
MW84 series lifting magnets are for lifting steel plates of different thickness. They are suitable for loading and unloading materials, transportation, warehouses, docks, etc.
This series of lifting magnetis can lift single piece or many pieces of steel plates at one time.
With strong absorption, deep magnetic permeability and large lifting capacity, the steel plate can be lifted safely and more efficiently;
The magnetic field is evenly distributed, and the steel plate can be safely and stably lifted even when the plates bent and deformed;
The number of lifted and released steel plates can be accurately controlled.
MW12 lifting magnet in operation
MW12 series of lifting electromagnets are widely applied for handling bundled bars and rods.
The series MW12 lifting magnets are featured with special designed double magnetic poles, which enables the magnetic circuit penetrate the multilayer steel, and ensures safety and high efficiency of the lifted materials.
With these features, the products can be applied to handle bundled HRB and round steel. As it's unnecessary to manually use steel wire rope or hanging chain to hook and unhook, the operation is safe and convenient.
Lifting electromagnet
In-roll Electromagnetic stirring
The in-roll electromagnetic stirrer is installed on the segment of the continuous casting machine(CCM).
lt adopts special magnetism shielding technology, non-cogging structure technology, numerical simulation optimization of winding and iron core structure technology, the electromagnetic force is above twice that of similar products (patented invention);
Improve steel quality; Minimize internal defects, such as central cracks, center segregation, center shrinkage; Increase equiaxed grain;
Improve casting speed;
Increase produced steel grades.
Electromagnetic stirrer
The electromagnetic stirrers are used in the continuous casting process to improve the product quality and to increase the steel production. According to the position along the casting strand and metallurgical effects, stirrers can be classified mould, strand and final stirrers. The benefits obtained using one or more EMS in combination include surface and sub-surface quality, internal and central soundness as segregation, porosity and central cracks.
Zhongke Electric is committed to R&D and providing complete solution for electromagnetic metallurgy, as well as on-line heating system for continuous rolling.


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