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Benefits of EMS in Reducing Casting Defects
  • Electromagnetic stirring primarily affects the flow patterns within molten metal, which plays a critical role in determining the final properties of cast products. By optimizing flow dynamics, EMS minimizes turbulence that often leads to entrapment of impurities or formation of bubbles—common sources of defects such as porosity or slag inclusion.

    Reduction in Specific Defect Types:

    Porosity: By promoting smoother flow and reducing turbulence, EMS helps prevent gas entrapment within the solidifying metal, significantly reducing porosity.

    Segregation: Uniform distribution of alloying elements achieved through effective stirring combats segregation issues that can weaken mechanical properties.

    Inclusions: Enhanced circulation facilitates better removal or dispersion of non-metallic particles, decreasing inclusion-related defects which compromise structural integrity and surface finish.
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