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Different Types Of Electromagnetic Stirrer 


Solidification structure improvement;
Equiaxed structure-grain refinement;
Surface quality improvement;
Pinhole and blowhole reduction.

In-Roll EMS

Improve steel quality; Reduce central cracks, 
Reduce center segregation, center shrinkage;
Increase equiaxed grain; Improve casting speed.


Solidification structure improvement 
in center area; V-segregation reduction;
Central porosity reduction.

Metallurgical principle
What Is The Principle Of Electromagnetic Stirrer?
Modern theory think that electromagnetic stirring can improve strand organization structure, which is mainly based on the following three points:

1. Changing the dynamics conditions during the solidification process (i.e., mechanical model theory);

2. Changing thermodynamics condition during the solidification process of (i.e., thermal model theory);

3. Improving material migration conditions during the solidification process (to make the components uniform).

The strong electromagnetic stirring force enable the un-solidified molten steel flush the end of the solidification, cut off and corrode the crystal arm of columnar crystal, forming a large number of dendrite fragments as crystal nucleus of equiaxed grain, making the grain multiplied grown, so as to inhibit the growth of dendrites.

Long service life.
High efficiency of magnetic field stirring.
Excellent metallurgical effect.
Low consumption.
Metallurgical Effect
The Main Application Of Electromagnetic Stirrer

The electromagnetic stirrers are used in the continuous casting process to improve steel quality and to increase the steel production. According to the position along the casting strand and metallurgical effects, stirrers can be classified mold, strand and final stirrers. 

The benefits obtained using one or more EMS in combination include surface and sub-surface quality, internal and central soundness.

Metallurgical effect of electromagnetic stirring for billet continuous casting

Metallurgical effect of electromagnetic stirring for bloom continuous casting

Metallurgical effect of electromagnetic stirring for slab continuous casting

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Here Is The Information You Want To Know
  • 1. System Composition

    (1)EMS Coil
    (2)Electric system  
      · Main power transformer             
      · Grounding resistance box             
      · Power distribution and system industrial control cabinet  
      · Power distribution cabinet           
      · Variable frequency power supply cabinet   
      · Local operation cabinet for water system       
      · Relay terminal box                    
    (3)Remote monitoring operation system     
      · Remote IPC software                  
    (4)Cooling water system  
      · Cooling water device                    
      · Pure water machine   
  • 2. How about the metallurgical performance?

    EMS type & combination M-EMS M+F-EMS M+S+F-EMS M+S-EMS S-EMS S+F-EMS
    Pinhole & blowhole *** *** *** ***
    Surface & subsurface cracks *** *** *** ***
    Break-out reduction *** *** *** *** *+ *+
    Solidification structure & internal crack ** ** *** *** ** **
    Centerline segregation, center porosity ** *** *** ** ** **
    V segregation *** ** * *+ **

  • 3. Quality assurance

    12 months from the commissioning date or 18 months after the goods arrive at the designation, whichever first.
  • 4. Terms of payment

    T/T, L/C.
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