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Cable Drum

The cable reels are widely applied for electric mobile equipment, such as cranes, lifting electromagnets, electric grabs, electric flatcar and ladle trolley. The product works stably and is reliable.

JD series cable reel are applied for coiling heavy cable and hose. They are driven by torque motor.


1. With large coiling capacity, the cable drum can coil cable or hose of large specification from long distance;

2. Long service life, reliable operation;

3. With torque adjustment and interlocking control device, it's convenient to adjust the coiling strength, and flexible to coil and release;

4. Electric energy is transmitted by the structure of collector slip ring carbon brush, the power supply is continuous and stable.

5. Reverse running is available, it's convenient to change cable.

JT series spring type cable reel is mechanical device that adopts worldwide-used spring type cable winding technology, takes spiral spring as power, and uses the energy storage of spring to automatically wind up cable. It is suitable for various occasions of mobile transportation.


The operation is reliable, and it does not consume electricity itself;

It is featured with simple power supply, safe operation, moderate stress on cable, flexible winding and good synchronization performance. And the cable will not be easily damaged during the process of operation;

The collection power slip ring structure with carbon brush is adopted to transmit electricity energy, so as to ensure the continuous and steady power supply;

Reversible mechanism is designed to avoid the spring being fractured due to the reverse of drum;

It's easy and convenient to install and maintenance. In addition, the structure is compact.

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