JD Series Electric Cable Reel for Cable & Hose Driven by Torque Motor
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JD Series Electric Cable Reel for Cable & Hose Driven by Torque Motor

JD series electric reels are powered by torque motors with high winding force. It is suitable for the working condition where the cable (hose) is heavy and the moving distance is long. Mainly divided into low-voltage, high-voltage, vertical, horizontal and other specifications of the product.
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JD series cable reel are applied for coiling heavy cable and hose. They are driven by torque motor.


1. With large coiling capacity, the cable drum can coil cable or hose of large specification from long distance;

2. Long service life, reliable operation;

3. With torque adjustment and interlocking control device, it's convenient to adjust the coiling strength, and it's flexible to coil and release;

4. Electric energy is transmitted by the structure of collector slip ring carbon brush, the power supply is continuous and stable.

5. Reverse running is available, it's convenient to change cable. 

Technical data 

No.ModelPower typeLength of   cable
Enable current on   & off(A)Cores of   cable Square(mm2)Installation   type
1JDTorque   motor50-200120-3204YC3*25+1*10-YC3*120+1*35Vertical   & horizontal 
2JDTorque   motor50-200120-3204YC3*25+1*10-YC3*120+1*35Vertical   & horizontal 
3JDTorque   motor50-200120-3204YC3*25+1*10-YC3*120+1*35Vertical   & horizontal 
4JDTorque   motor50-200120-3204YC3*25+1*10-YC3*120+1*35Vertical   & horizontal 
5JDTorque   motor50-200120-3204YC3*25+1*10-YC3*120+1*35Vertical   & horizontal 


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