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Contents of tundish induction heating

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Although tundish induction heating has been widely used, there are still many people who do not know its content or principles. Then, let's introduce in detail the contents of tundish induction heating.


Here is the content list:

Content of the invention

Working principle



Content of the invention

The utility model aims to overcome the above deficiencies and provides a tundish channel-type induction heater with tundish induction heating efficiency, low noise, and fast response. The purpose of the utility model is so that the heater comprises a transformer and a tundish; Tundish described the main body contains the injection room and distribution room, described in the injection room and distribution room by weir space, insulation described weir insulation lower with the channel, channel into the room and distribution room will be connected, as described in setting several outlets on the bottom of the distribution room, into the bottom of the chamber has consistently stated perforation, a connecting pipe by the through-hole through into the room; The transformer comprises an upper iron core, a lower iron core, and a coil. The upper iron core is composed of a complete iron core loop through the connecting pipe and the lower iron core, and the wire trap is arranged in the upper iron core part of the connecting pipe. The tundish pass-type induction heater of the utility model is provided with a pressing device between the coil and the upper iron core, and a plurality of limiting devices are arranged at the lower end of the coil. An air duct is arranged at the top of the upper iron core, and a conductive row is arranged at the upper part of the air duct, and the conductive row is connected with the coil through a wire.


Working principle

At the same time, the utility model can also be equipped with an air duct and a fan for heat dissipation. The air inlet on the left side of the air duct is fed into the cooling air, and the air is drawn out by the stainless steel pipe after the wind enters the air duct, to achieve the purpose of cooling the coil in the stainless steel pipe.



The beneficial effect of the utility model is

(1) Because the molten steel in the tundish is heated directly by electromagnetic induction, there is no heat loss, so the tundish induction heating efficiency is high; And because of the use of the electromagnetic induction principle of tundish induction heating, it will not be as intense as the plasma tundish induction heating due to the collision and noise.

(2) In the process of electromagnetic induction tundish induction heating, the input power is heated with the molten steel due to the direct conversion of electric energy into heat energy

3 synchronous, so it has the advantage of a fast response.

(3) In the tundish induction heating process, due to the pinch effect near the channel, the molten steel is favorable to the formation of inclusions

The upwelling flow of the liquid steel can adsorb the sundry on the wall of the middle bag, and ensure the purity of the molten steel.

(4) Because the transformer core ring is designed into an upper core and a lower core combined structure, it is convenient to disassemble and maintain.


Above all are the contents of tundish induction heating. I believe you can understand after reading these.

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