Does electromagnetic metallurgy equipment improve product quality?
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Does electromagnetic metallurgy equipment improve product quality?

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Does electromagnetic metallurgy equipment improve product quality?

The product quality is a comprehensive reflection of a country's economic and technical level, an important symbol of enterprise quality, and also reflects the quality of the whole nation from one side. Enterprises should take the production of high-quality products as their responsibility and mission to the society and one of the basic principles of adhering to the direction of socialist enterprise management. Therefore, the improvement of product quality is the top priority and urgent task of metallurgical electromechanical manufacturing enterprises. Then, let's introduce in detail does electromagnetic metallurgy equipment improve product quality?


Here is the content list:

l  Improve the equipment quality

l  Strengthening quality awareness

l  Establish a quality management system


Improve the equipment quality

Equipment plays an important role in the variety and quality of its products. What kind of electromagnetic metallurgy equipment is used, what kind of product will be produced. Zhongke Electric Company is mainly engaged in R & D, production, sales, and service of industrial magnetic application technology, and products. Products include electromagnetic stirring system for continuous casting, lifting magnetic equipment, magnetic iron separator, and so on. Our complete set of electromagnetic stirring system for continuous casting of steel is the key metallurgical equipment to improve steel quality, increase casting speed and production efficiency. This is of great significance to promote the development of new materials in China's iron and steel enterprises, to enhance the competitiveness of products. It has therefore been included in the "New Materials" areas of the State's Priority Support for High-tech Areas and the Guide to Priority Areas for the Industrialization of High-tech at present. The electromagnetic metallurgy equipment produced by such an excellent company is also very competitive.


Strengthening quality awareness

Adhere to "quality, always first ". Full exercise of the quality veto. The first thing is to improve the main quality awareness of factory directors (managers) and workers. A certain aspect of product quality improvement is also the inspection of electromagnetic metallurgy equipment. The quality veto is the final form of insisting on quality first and the final decision of quality to the effect of enterprise management.

Establish a quality management system

As it’s all known that quality is essential, it is more urgent and important to strengthen scientific quality management, and continuously improve product quality. Scientific management should be comprehensive quality management, the whole process and quality management with full participation. We should focus in all aspects of production and operation, and disperse a series of quality activities such as market research, development and design, production technology preparation, procurement and supply, processing and manufacturing, inspection, sales, service and so on. But don't rely on electromagnetic metallurgy equipment alone.


Above is the important use of electromagnetic metallurgy equipment in product quality improvement. Electromagnetic metallurgy equipment with high quality and technology is often the key to improve product quality.


Zhongke Electric is committed to R&D and providing complete solution for electromagnetic metallurgy, as well as on-line heating system for continuous rolling.


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