Advanced High Magnetic Field In-roll Electromagnetic Stirrer EMS
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Advanced High Magnetic Field In-roll Electromagnetic Stirrer EMS

EMS can be applied in continuous casting, achieving the effect of improving steel quality. Coils are made of high quality sintered wire, which are characterized by high resistance to flushing, water and high temperature; Three--dimensional analysis software of modern computer is adopted to process optimum design on the distribution space of electromagnetic field inside the mould, so as to make the distribution of electromagnetic field of EMS be more reasonable and the generated magnetic field force be more efficient;
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In-roll EMS with high magnetic field of secondary cooling zone of slab is applied to maximize the electromagnetic thrust, so as to ensure optimum metallurgical effect.


1. High quality sintering coil is adopted, which is resistant to washing, water and high temperature;

2. High-quality dipping paint, covering paint, as well as process of vacuum dipping paint for three times are adopted to further improve insulation performance;

3. Use modern computer three-dimensional analysis software to optimally design the space distribution of the electromagnetic field, so that the magnetic field distribution of the EMS will be more reasonable, and the generated magnetic field force will be more effective;

4. High-quality oriented silicon steel is adopted as the iron core lamination, which can increase the magnetic field strength inside the EMS, improve the magnetic field saturation of the cylindrical iron core of the in-roll EMS, and reduce the comsuption of the EMS itself. The sleeve of in-roll EMS adopts high Ni-Cr heat-resistant and wear-resistant stainless steel, which can enhance the magnetism permeability and the service life.

Technical parameters of In-roll EMS
ItemTechnical   parameters
Cooling   methodDirect   water cooling
Rated   current500A
Apparent   power500KVA
Active   power200KW
Center   magnetic induction force600GS   (distance of 250mm)
Grounding   insulationBefore   filled with water ≥500   MΩ
    24 hours after filled with water and pressurized  ≥200 MΩ
Cooling   water flow12m³/h for single roller
Cooling   water pressure0.3--0.4MPa
Dimension1900   * Φ240
Weightapproximately   850 kg /single roller(subject to the actual weight)


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