Development of the electromagnetic stirring
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Development of the electromagnetic stirring

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Development of the electromagnetic stirring

Electromagnetic stirring has been very widely used in the current industry. But few people know its development history. Then, let's introduce in detail the development of electromagnetic stirring?


Here is the content list:

l Traditional electromagnetic stirring techniques

l Rotary stirring technology of round billet continuous casting machine

l Development in China


Traditional electromagnetic stirring techniques

The electromagnetic stirrer (EMS) was first invented by the Swedish ASEA. According to Faraday's principle of electromagnetic induction, Dreyfus Dr.1932 found that the low-speed moving inductive magnetic field would produce a strong stirring effect on molten steel, and in 1948, the world's first electromagnetic stirrer was manufactured and applied for electric arc furnace steelmaking. With the development and maturity of steelmaking technology, electromagnetic stirring technology has been gradually applied to continuous casting machine.

The Borehole caster of the Austrian Kapfanberg plant began casting alloy steel with electromagnetic stirring in the 1960s. For the first time in the 1970s, the French Institute of Steel Research (IRSID) carried out the industrial test of linear electromagnetic stirring technology on billet caster. British Steel (BSC) conducted similar tests. Electromagnetic stirring improved the subcutaneous quality of silicon-aluminum stabilized steel. Because of the low-frequency electromagnetic field, the stirring efficiency was improved, and copper was used as mold material, which was quickly applied in production.


Rotary stirring technology of round billet continuous casting machine

Subsequently, a breakthrough was made in the research of rotary stirring technology of round billet continuous casting machine. Karl-HeinzSpitzer studied the electromagnetic field and flow field in molten steel under rotating stirring by model experiment and numerical simulation. The influence of the inner diameter, length, magnetic intensity, the frequency of excitation current, and the installation position of the stirrer along the length direction on the flow field are discussed. The electromagnetic stirring technology of slab caster is developed late. In 1973, the world's first electromagnetic stirrer for slab continuous casting machine for the secondary cooling zone was put into use at Nippon Steel. During the same year. The French Institute of Steel also used electromagnetic stirring technology on slab caster at West Germany Eillingen Plant. The method is to install coils in the cooling water tank behind the wide surface copper plate of the mold to produce vertical linear stirring.


Development in China

In the late 1970s, China began to study electromagnetic stirring technology. From the late 1970s to the mid-1980s, China began to explore the electromagnetic stirring technology, however, after testing and industrial operation, the performance is not very stable. In the mid-1980s, China imported several special steel casters with electromagnetic stirring. Although the stirrer plays a positive role in the development of continuous casting electromagnetic stirring technology in China, it also shows that China could not manufacture high-performance electromagnetic stirring devices at that time. In the late 1980s, China made efforts on the research of electromagnetic stirring technology. After more than ten years of hard work, the research of electromagnetic stirring technology in China has finally made great breakthroughs and progress.


These are the development of electromagnetic stirring over the years. If you want to know more about electromagnetic stirring, you can go to the official website of Hunan Zhongke Electric Co., Ltd., which is, where there are many things worth exploring.

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