Precautions for using splitting in-roll electromagnetic stirring
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Precautions for using splitting in-roll electromagnetic stirring

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The slab continuous casting machine was put into use for the first time with a splitting in-roll electromagnetic stirring technology device. The splitting in-roll electromagnetic stirring was used in the secondary cooling zone to replace the original support roller, and the principle of electromagnetic induction was used to make the internal molten steel form a butterfly flow field. What should I pay attention to when using splitting in-roll electromagnetic stirring? And its principle, the following is a detailed introduction.

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The electromagnetic stirring technology in the second cold zone of continuous casting is to generate an alternating magnetic field through an energized coil, which induces an induced current in the molten steel, and the induced current interacts with the magnetic field to generate electromagnetic force. The electromagnetic force acts on the molten steel to strengthen the steel in the cast slab.液运动。 Liquid movement. Because electromagnetic force can change the flow, heat transfer, and the distribution of various elements in the continuous casting process, the goal of expanding equiaxed crystal regions, improving composition segregation, and reducing porosity and shrinkage porosity, and other quality problems can be achieved. However, there are certain disadvantages of mixing through this technology, that is, the product after mixing is prone to the "white band" phenomenon, which affects the quality of the slab.


1. When the splitting in-roll electromagnetic stirring is online, before pouring, whether or not electromagnetic stirring is used, the pure water pump must be turned on, and the pump pressure, the flow rate of each roller, and the temperature must be in the normal range.

2. The splitting in-roll electromagnetic stirring water system pure water pump has an automatic switching function. If the system automatically switches the pump operation after the pump is turned on, please notify the relevant personnel to inspect the pump after the water is stopped.

3. Before starting pouring, confirm that the nitrogen has been turned on, and ensure that it is continuously turned on during the pouring process,

4. Before the split-roll electromagnetic stirring roller is energized, it must be confirmed that the billet head has passed the split-roll electromagnetic stirring roller, and it is forbidden to pull cold billets.

5. During the use of the splitting in-roll electromagnetic stirring, pay attention to observe the conditions of the various parameters of the monitoring screen at any time. When the red flashing appears on the screen, the relevant personnel must be notified immediately for an inspection.

6. During the use of splitting in-roll electromagnetic stirring, if it automatically shuts down, please do not turn it on blindly, and you must notify the relevant personnel to check that it is correct before turning it on again.

7. To prevent misoperation, the water pump and the variable frequency power supply cabinet have a confirmation screen for opening and stopping, and the water pump and the variable frequency power cabinet can be turned on normally after confirming after the start.

8. Accident water opening conditions: Since the emergency water on site has been changed to manual valve control, when the splitting in-roll electromagnetic stirring is online, if there is serious water leakage and the water maker cannot meet the water replenishment requirements, the electromagnetic stirring power must be cut off and the emergency water must be turned on manually; When the water pump fails to work normally during production, to ensure the completeness of the electromagnetic stirring roller, it is necessary to manually open the emergency water valve.

9. Before stopping watering, the frequency conversion power supply cabinet must be stopped first, and the pure water pump can be stopped after 1 hour.

10. When the weather is cold, to prevent the water system and pipes from freezing, as long as the electromagnetic stirring roller is online, please keep the water pump on.

11. When the spare sector section equipped with the splitting in-roll electromagnetic stirring is online, it is necessary to pay attention to the metal hose of the water inlet to be protected to prevent impurities from entering the water pipe, thereby causing damage to the coil insulation area.

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