Precise temperature control Induction Heating Machine for Continuous Casting
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Precise temperature control Induction Heating Machine for Continuous Casting

The channel type induction heating and refining technology for tundish is the technology that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to form current circuit inside the molten steel and generate Joule heat in the channel of flow steel, thereby realizing heating and heat preservation of the molten steel.
With the non-contact energy transmission method, no contamination will produced, and the effect of purifying molten steel is significantly.
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Heating principle

The excitation coil of induction heating is the primary circuit, and the molten steel is the secondary circuit. By inputting variable frequency current to the excitation coil, high-intensity magnetic field is generated in the iron core, so that the connected molten steel generates induced current, thereby achieving continuous heating on the molten steel.

Technical advantage

Non-contact heating: the reheat of molten steel reaches 3°C/ min; Achieve constant temperature casting with optimum overheat, and the accuracy of temperature control is up to土3°C; Decrease the on-line temperature of the ladle (10~15°C); Save energy; It can effectively reduce total oxygen content in molten steel and remove small inclusions.

Metallurgical mechanism

Parameters of initiative temperature control: Decrease the on-line temperature of the ladle(10-15°C); Heating rate: (1-3)°C/min; Target temperature of overheating control: target temperature (±3°C). Heating in the channel enables the heated molten steel form an upflow from the outlet of the channel, which causes the inclusions float up to the free surface to be absorbed by the covering agent, and the up flow also promotes mixing of the molten steel in the tundish, homogenizing the temperature distribution.


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